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Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome Research (based in the UK) is dedicated to providing information and advice to sufferers of CVS and their carers. We will try to keep things as simple as possible to help you through this debilitating illness.

You can help by becoming a Supporter through Just Giving - every little helps. Aside from diagnosis and treatment we want to have CVS properly recognised - to enable assistance with disability benefit and dental repair.

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Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome

A handy ebook containing - as it says on the cover - a simple guide to diagnosis and treatment of CVS, together with some other useful charts for both sufferers and supporters. Whether you have already been diagnosed or just beginning to think that you might be sufferering from CVS this may just contain the information you've been seeking.

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All profits to help fund further research into CVS.

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Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome is basically what it says on the tin - repeated episodes of nausea and sickness - leading to dehydration and loss of body electrolytes, together with hot and cold sweats, exhaustion and abdominal pain - all of which can lead to problems with relationships, getting full time employment, and general mental health. The episodes are often caused by certain triggers, some of which are avoidable, but some aren't.

There is a distinct lack of research into CVS which is where we come in and why we are asking for donations to help with the setting up and maintainance of this website and carrying out the much-needed research for the benefit of all - sufferers, carers and medical staff.

Sadly, at this time there is no go-to test to determine CVS - it is a diagnosis usually arrived at after all tests for other gastro-intestinal problems have been ruled out. You may have to be prepared to keep waiting and keep pushing.

Diagnosis of CVS is usually by questioning the patient's pattern of symptoms, a physical examination, and other tests to rule out other diseases and conditions that may cause nausea and vomiting. Questions may include topics such as any history of health problems such as migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, and gastroparesis, also any history of mental health problems, and use of substances such as marijuana.

Doctors will suspect CVS if vomiting episodes occur on a regular basis over the course of a year, similarity of episodes and/or triggers prior to the event, and other causes have been ruled out.


DOCTORS: If you have your eyes closed and you hear hoofbeats coming towards you, you will probably assume that it's a horse, but if you open your eyes you may be surprised to see a zebra. CVS is a zebra - which sounds like a horse but looks very different.

Glance quickly at the picture on the left and you see black horses - look closer and you'll see zebras with shadows on the ground.

We're working to create a chart using data supplied by sufferers - please see About page.


CVS affects people in many different ways - with the main symptoms being seen as recurring episodes of constant bouts of vomiting leading to dehydration.


Triggers can vary - but the main common factors are stress/anxiety, hormones, tiredness, alcohol, excitement, and certain foods.


As with the symptoms, there is no one fix - it's more a case of discovering what works best for each individual.


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